Three Principal Precautions for Towing a Vehicle after Breakdown

Towing a vehicle can be challenging and dangerous. Therefore, if the need arises to move a car after a breakdown, you should consider choosing a reliable towing company. A professional will have a suitable truck and the essential tools required for moving a damaged vehicle. Moreover, their skill and experience will ensure that the broken down automobile is not damaged further. However, in some cases, you might need to carry out the work without expert assistance. If this is your case, consider using these simple tips to ensure safe accident towing.

Inspect the Strap

You should ensure that your towing strap is in good condition before attempting to move the broken down vehicle. The unit should not be cracked, torn, twisted or otherwise damaged. This will ensure that there is adequate support. Also, you should utilise a recovery strap when towing after an accident. Recovery straps are tougher and more durable than the standard tow straps. These properties make the strap ideal for tough work like pulling a vehicle out of mud or a ditch. A typical tow strap might not be able to withstand the strain.

Connect the Vehicles

If you have a good strap, you can proceed with the towing process. In general, you will only need to connect one end to the towing vehicle and the other to the broken down automobile. This is a simple task, but it can be confusing if you have never had to handle the task before. Typically, the tow strap is attached by its hooks to the hitch or other mounting point of the tow truck. Then, the other end must be attached to the loop beneath the front bumper. This unit is made of steel, so it should be able to withstand the pressure of towing. Check the connection on both ends and ensure that it is secure.

Maintain Low Speed

When towing a damaged vehicle using a strap, you must ensure that both that car and the tow truck are manned. This is crucial for maintaining control of the rig. It is important to maintain caution when driving the tow vehicle and pulling the other one. It is advisable to maintain a low and steady speed during the entire journey. This will ensure stability so that the other individual in the broken down vehicle will be able to maintain some level of control. You should avoid making sudden changes during the journey. Do not make sudden stops and indicate turns as early as possible for more reaction time.