Top Tips When Choosing A Breakdown Towing Service

Breakdown towing services are essential when your vehicle gets into an accident or requires roadside assistance. Most motorists are often conflicted when engaging a breakdown towing service. Below are some vital tips to help you when choosing a breakdown service. 


The towing service should be located within the area that you operate. It ensures fast recovery in case of an accident. You should also assess the reputation of the company by interviewing some friends or checking social media reviews. Consider companies with 24-hour services and customer care. Besides, the company's tow trucks should have sufficient power to haul or carry your vehicle. 


Consider towing companies that offer a wide range of services, including: 

  • Roadside recovery if your vehicle requires minor repairs such as tire repair or radiator service.
  • Smash or mechanical repair services if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the site.
  • There are instances when you may not have instant cash to repair the car. If this is the case, consider companies that provide car storage services.
  • Some breakdown towing companies will also offer car removal services. This is an ideal way to get rid of junk vehicles in your home. 


The company should maintain high professional standards. For instance, the team sent must observe roadside safety. They should place emergency triangles or lights to warn other drivers of an ongoing recovery. Besides, they should inspect the vehicle for hazards such as fuel or oil leaks. The team should conduct a quick inspection to ensure that their cables and winches are in excellent condition. Before loading or towing the vehicle, they must ascertain its current state. Typically, you should receive compensation if the car suffers more damage during towing and storage. 


Evaluate the company's payment plans. A basic plan will only offer vehicle recovery and towing services to the company's premises or a garage within the locality. Comprehensive plans can be customised to suit your needs. For example, you could receive roadside assistance and storage services. A premium package could include a courtesy car to use as you wait for your vehicle to get repaired. The company should adjust their pricing to suit industry trends. For instance, prices should reduce during the cold months. Additionally, they must be ready to give discounts to loyal customers. As a rule, the company should accept both cash and card payments.

When choosing a towing company, check its location, services provided, professionalism and the payment plans.

For more information, contact a breakdown towing service in your area today.