4 Things to Do When Waiting for Emergency Towing Services

Vehicle emergencies can range from minor ones, like battery and tyre problems, to major ones, like car accidents. Whatever the emergency is, the steps you take after calling a towing company can make a lot of difference in your experience throughout the process. Therefore, don't just sit and wait for the tow truck to arrive. Here are four things you can do to ease the process. 

Ensure Safety as You Wait

Roadside emergencies can occur anywhere, from the middle of a busy highway to a quiet street at night. Wherever you are, it's crucial to ensure your safety and that of other passengers. As such, have your vehicle in a place where other cars can easily pass you without hitting you from the back. 

If you are able to, exit on the side away from traffic. If this isn't possible, exit from the other side and get your vehicle away from the road. Doing this ensures proper traffic flow and prevents other cars from colliding with yours, especially if you're stuck on the roadside at night.

Notify Other Drivers

Whether you have an emergency during the day or night, you need to use signage to notify other cars that you have a problem. Your emergency kit should have one or two safety reflective triangles that you should place a few feet behind and in front of your vehicle. These signs alert other drivers to keep a distance. If you have flares, you can use them at night too. However, if you don't have these, switch on the hazard warning lights on your car.

Share Your Location

For your towing company to bring immediate help, they need to know your precise location. Thus, send your location to them so they can find you easily. This is particularly essential if you are stuck at night or on an unfamiliar road. You can also send the location to your loved ones so they can know where you are and reach you as you wait for the tow truck. 

Gather Your Belongings

Roadside emergencies can be stressful, and it is possible to forget your personal stuff once the tow truck arrives. Unfortunately, if the car is towed with your belongings and taken to a repair shop, it's easy for some personal items to get lost in the bustle. Thus, as you wait, collect your purse or wallet, jacket or coat, money, phone, computer and other valuable things. Also, carry your insurance information so you can make a claim immediately if necessary.

Take these steps to ease the towing process during a roadside emergency. Remember to contact an emergency towing company and ask for the driver's identification details for verification on arrival.