How to Prepare for Your First Car Accident

Have you had your car accident yet? According to some estimates, you will have a vehicle accident at least once in every 17.9 years of driving. Sobering thoughts, especially if you are "overdue." While nobody should go through life wrapping themselves in cotton wool in order to try and avoid such problems, it pays to be prepared. What should you be aware of now, so that you're ready for that fateful day?

You Won't Be the First One

While there may well be statistics that dictate the severity of the average accident, it's true to say that most are likely to be minor. It's also true, however, that most will involve hitting property that doesn't belong to you, such as somebody else's car. The insurance industry is of course well set up to take care of this situation. This is the most important element to bear in mind when you are unfortunate enough to have what the Americans call a "fender bender."


Don't panic and wonder what will happen next. Take a deep breath and check to see if anybody is injured. If not, you need to gather information.

Safety First, Always

However, before you proceed, be aware of the situation that you're in. It could be that your accident has happened in a relatively busy traffic area. Don't assume that everybody pays attention and make sure that all parties are in a safe position, before beginning to talk. It may be necessary for you to get out the warning triangle you have in the boot and place that further back, so people can see what's happening. Either way, don't make the situation worse by imperilling your safety needlessly.

Just the Facts

Never admit responsibility, even if there's no doubt that you are. People's natural tendency is to apologise if they know they are wrong, but you shouldn't do this here. Certainly, check to see that the other people are alright, but after that just focus on getting their contact details and insurance data.

Getting It All Moved

Most cars today are built to be lightweight and with a variety of different "crumple zones" all around for safety purposes. This means that they are very likely to be disabled after even the smallest car accident. So, once you have gathered the information, you will need to call out a local roadside assistance driver, like one from United Tilt Tray Service, to get you and your vehicle back home.